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In the dynamics of today IT networks are a key element for success. A network that is well designed and well administered provisions for fast adapting to rapidly changing needs of business and new technologies, for easy and seamless management of business processes, contacts and relations with partners and clients.

The services we offer at LinkCity – planning, design, implementation, and monitoring and administration that follow up, help you to ensure full and uninterrupted access to data and applications, which you would require to meet the requirements of modern business.

Our engineering team keeps IT systems running at peak performance and security, while continuously monitoring the network to identify and correct potential issues before they become problems. 


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Whether you’re moving, upgrading, adding a location, or starting a new business, network design is one of the first things you should address in your IT “to do” list. From an operational as well as compliance standpoint, it is critical to build your business on a secure, reliable network foundation, while integrating the flexibility and scalability you need to smoothly manage business growth.

We have the rich experience and the necessary qualifications in network design and network installation. We work in compliance with the established standards and best practices at incorporating new hardware components, applications and functionalities with existing network infrastructure and hardware systems, and at implementing a completely new network from the ground up as well.

Network design and planning services include:

  • Network Assessment: We complete a thorough overview of the existing network to identify current configurations, security, hardware, software, processes, users, policies, etc., and to determine the individual solution for network improvement, so that the network could achieve better security, speed, usability, and/or improved performance.
  • Network Design: We prepare a detailed plan to modify, upgrade or build up a secure and reliable IT network that covers the use of specified hardware, software, licenses, licensing, network configurations, network policies and permissions, user organization schema, remote access procedures, internet connectivity, wireless access, etc.

Key Planning Activities:

  • Plan for growth, projecting future traffic and right-sizing links and tunnels.
  • Performing a predeployment analysis to accelerate deployment of new applications and technologies.
  • Ensuring network survivability, predicting the impact of failing network nodes, links, or components.
  • Optimization of routing and security for virtual private network (VPN) environments including IPSec, DMVPN, VRF-lite and MPLS-based VPNs.
  • Defining the effects of protocol fine tuning, QoS deployment, or traffic engineering.
  • Evaluation of a wide range of “what-if” scenarios in a virtual network environment with full behavioral understanding of devices, protocols, and applications.
  • Performing an automated VoIP Readiness Assessment, predicting the network Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for planned voice-over-IP services and automatically resizing link capacity as required.
  • Plan for transition to IPv6. IPv6 readiness assessment and IPv6 accelerated migration planning.
  • Validation of the impact of configuration changes on network behavior and performance prior to deployment.



The services, offered by LinkCity for integration and implementation of IT networks, are shaped by IT industry’s best practices and based on effective methodology. The business benefits of our clients from the investment in our services and solutions are distinctly defined and noticeable.

In accordance with the network design plan, LinkCity offers installing, configuring and integrations of network equipment, applications, and configurations. This includes implementation of servers, desktops, laptops, printers, scanner/fax, wireless access points, wireless devices, switches, routers, modems, wiring & cabling, specialized third-party software, and anything else needed to smoothly maintain your business processes.

Special emphasis is placed on implementing network modifications and additions with minimal to no interruption of daily processes.


LinkCity offers services for administration of IT networks that ensure reliable and seamless functioning of the network at guaranteed high performance.

Our services involve:

  • Licensed and certified professionals with extensive experience in network administration;
  • Compliance with established standards and best practices;
  • Monitoring of hardware components, procedures that identify and eliminate hardware and firmware problems, upgrade;
  • Monitoring and administration of server-oriented and client-oriented applications;
  • Administration of wireless networks and VoIP services;
  • Remote support and remote administration features.



In today’s information age IT networks become more and more a necessity of utmost importance for companies for the management and functioning of their activities, and for the relations with clients and partners as well. However it also introduces a broad range of security concerns which need to be addressed. There is no single solution to securing your business, as new and more sophisticated threats constantly arise, so there is a constant need to implement new IT security measures, whether it is software, hardware, systems or policies.

LinkCity offers network security services that involve:

  • Network firewall administration and other network security applications, content control and access control applications;
  • Infrastructure security operations. Provides monitoring/surveillance and detection for adverse threats, unauthorized activity or targeted attacks, incident analysis, configuration and update of applications within the network;
  • Network infrastructure vulnerability scanning and remediation;
  • Authentication infrastructure management and access control. Includes maintenance and continued development of all network services access and authentication sub-systems, applications and interfaces.



At LinkCity we can offer services for optimization of networks that are already built and configured or optimization of projects of planned networks. Our clients would benefit from our knowledge and experience in the following aspects:

  • optimizations of network implementation and administration costs;
  • optimization and homogenization of network structure and used applications, elimination of exotic solutions, solutions that don’t correspond to the general functional plan of the network, solutions without standard support and update;
  • optimization and configuration of the network in accordance with the established and valid standards and requirements.



LinkCity’s team is made of certified experts with extensive experience and high professional qualification. Our audit reports will provide you with comprehensive assessment of your network on physical, logical, and functional level, and will present to you our recommendations to reach peak performance as well.

After a network audit you receive detailed standardized systems documentation, including a list of all hardware and software being used. Your current network architecture undergoes through a battery of tests orientated towards security, reliability, and productivity, customized to show strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Our audit certifies that:

  • functional goals and recommendations are met;
  • network resources comply with security standards and are optimally utilized;
  • Applicable guidelines, regulations and policies are followed;
  • Reliable data are obtained and used for forecasting, planning, operating, optimizing, fine tuning and monitoring of network performance.