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LinkCity provides the full range of installation administration and support services for Microsoft Windows and Linux based servers. In our work we comply with the leading world standards and the best corresponding practices. Our qualified and certified professionals will assist you in the best software solution for your company, to determine the balance between investment size and the security and reliability requirements, the upgrade possibilities and server integration in the requirements and the logics of existing infrastructure.

With LinkCity’s services you get:

  • Maximum server uptime;
  • Maximized IT efficiency;
  • Highest level of security and protection against potential threats and failures.
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  • Antivirus servers

    An essential part of every antivirus plan is a system, which would continuously screen and detect virus threats, using methodically updated virus definitions.

    The end target is to avoid possible data loss or work interruption.

    For many companies, antivirus server is the optimal solution for virus defense. This solution ensures centralized protection for the incoming and outgoing traffic like e-mail and internet applications, file and web server protection, detection of infected files on various data media within the local network. Workstations can be configured to automatically update their virus definitions from the antivirus server.

    At LinkCity we are working with world’s leading virus protection companies. Our qualified and certified professionals could offer various solutions depending on clients’ individual needs.

  • Backup Servers

    LinkCity offers reliable solutions for backup servers.

    An effective backup strategy involves entirely backing up every server daily that have frequent data changes. Servers that typically fall in this category are: file, e-mail, web, database, and intranet servers. Due to the nature of servers that contain databases such as Exchange, SQL and Oracle, special backup agents must also be installed and updated frequently on those systems.

    A reliable, high speed, high capacity backup system is essential for every company, which competitiveness depends on security and reliability of data. LinkCity's data backup consultants have installed backup solutions for large and small companies. We are tailoring our solutions to meet each company’s backup needs for today, while planning tomorrow’s growth.

    LinkCity will plan, design and implement the backup server that most accurately corresponds to your requirements such as cost, hardware, software and companies, assembled and configured in accordance with the established standards and best practices. We will take into consideration your immediate and long tern needs. Our professionals are certified to work world’s leading companies the backup solutions. 

  • E-mail Servers

    Email is the backbone of communications in many modern companies. At LinkCity we will configure your e-mail system so that it would be easier to use, more accessible and more reliable when sending and receiving information.

    Our solutions are flexible and adaptable enough to cater to any size organization, from small business to large corporate entities. We put main accent to stability and security requirements.

    LinkCity offers to corporate clients e-mail servers with the following main functionalities:

    • Domain Management: e-mail server can run on one or more domains at the same time. Domain is the key setting of the mail server. Administrator may list domains to be processed by the mail server. Remote domains are supported.
    • Web Client: possibility to access to e-mail via a web-based application. The web client ensures access to all functions of company’s e- mail from any web browser.
    • Secure Remote Access: possibility for secure remote access to company’s e-mail through web, e-mail client or mobile device.
    • Distribution Lists: possibility to create lists for sending messages to predefined groups of recipients
    • Rules: messages in e-mail server are processed in accordance with predefined rules step by step in a successive order. This allows groups of messages to be selected and managed by predefined criteria.
    • Antivirus and Antispam:  possibility to apply solutions from different providers in accordance to client’s requirements and needs.
    • E-mail Forwarding: possibility to forward messages to another e-mail address or to a mobile phone through text message.

    Employees and partners with access rights can connect to company’s e-mail server at any time from any world point.

  • File and Print Servers

    The primary function of a file server is to provide a centralized disk location for storage and shared access of files (such as documents, sound files, photographs, movies, images, databases, etc.) with various access levels.

    In many cases file server is a print server also as it provides access to the printers within the local network.

    LinkCity designs, assembles, and implements for its clients file servers according to the established standards and best practices. Our servers comply with the requirements for storage space, access speed, recoverability, ease of administration, security. The constantly changing IT environment and new hardware and technologies rapidly changing set further demands for compatibility and seamless transition to new equipment and applications.

    At LinkCity we will offer a file server that is in conformity with the financial plan and corresponds to client’s needs for:

    • Disk space size and planned expansion at expected company growth;
    • Type of files that are stored or are planned to be stored;
    • Frequency with which files are created and accessed;
    • Possible needs for redundancy.
  • Web Servers

    LinkCity offers planning, design, installation, and configuration services, services for support and administration of web servers. Our projects comply with security requirements, established standards, and best practices.

    Our professionals are qualified and certified to work with the leading technologies, i.e. Microsoft IIS and Apache.

    Our web servers are reliable and secure, with rich options for update and upgrade, protected from potential hacker attacks, with high productivity at peak traffic loads and high levels of demand.

    With regard with the requirements, we can provide the full spectrum of functionalities, including FTP, CGI, SSL, virtual domains, as well as separate security levels.

  • Database Servers

    LinkCity offers planning, design, installation, and configuration services, services for support and administration of database servers. Our servers comply with security requirements, established standards, and best practices.

    Server hardware optimization and migration to new technologies for database management could substantially improve server speed, functionality, and productivity at real-time requests. LinkCity’s personnel is qualified and certified to operate and configure the leading software applications for database management and database servers.

  • Hardware Solutions

    The clients of LinkCity get competent and substantiated approach to determine the right choice for server hardware configuration, that best correspond to their needs, requirements and budget plan.

    Our goal is to offer complete solutions, which combine hardware configuration and a set of server applications. For our clients this means a single service provider and lower costs.

    A good server configuration complies with the following requirements

    • possibility for update and upgrade;
    • high quality components;
    • productivity
    • guaranteed capacity

    trustworthy and proven manufacturers that provide reliable support for their products, options for replacement and upgrade of components, compatibility with applications and operating systems.

Our server services include:

  • Consulting: LinkCity offers consulting for the selection and configuration of hardware and software server components and server integration within existing infrastructure;
  • Installation: Installation services, which LinkCity offers, include server installation and integration, installation of software packages and other additional applications, installation of antivirus applications and security applications;
  • Administration and monitoring: LinkCity provides monitoring and tracing of server activities and provides timely detection and prevention of potential problems;
  • Update: LinkCity provides regular updates of security programs and updates of the operating system or other software applications as well.