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Software is of principal importance achieve high efficiency and expenditures optimization. The choice of software must correspond to your idea and be fully adapted to your company’s activity and business process.

Definition or development of the suitable software by LinkCity’s team involves the following services:

  • Definition of business requirements;
  • Planning and design;
  • Development and testing;
  • Training and support;
  • Migration and modernization;
  • Project management.

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Definition of Business Requirements

The definition of every business process requires a correct approach to reflect the ideas accumulated in a certain project. It is necessary that all the ideas and discussions set by the different groups involved in this process to be set subject to other preceding or subsequent requirements in the business process. To make all this happen you need a comprehensive methodology for definition of business requirements and specialists, who would accurately address the problematic points and will assist you in the development and definition of your ideas.

After sufficient requirements to a business process are accumulated and its analysis, we can assist you to classify these requirements by priority and fit them to the project budget. To say it with other words, at this step you know for example that you have a three bedroom apartment but you still don’t have children. Thus the furnishing and completion of the room for the children can be postponed till the family budget is replenished, but there is a plan and, respectively, detailed budget what will be the cost of the “room for the children” requirement. Prioritization of the different requirements will set clear outlines in the plan for you project you wouldn’t have to guess what the cost of the next family “expansion” will be.

The dividing of a business process in functional and non-functional requirements helps to ensure the quality in definition and creation of processes. If we stay in the example with the apartment, a functional requirement would be that the apartment’s resident need to have 24-hours heating. Non-functional requirement on the other hand would be the building to have centralized heating. Divided this way, requirements permit the potential buyers to know that they want apartment with heating. The gathered non-functional requirements will serve also for test scenarios definition when it comes to software development.

An indispensable condition for a correct process definition is that the process should be planned not only from the present perspective but with the expected new circumstances in your future development. We can help you extend your ideas and advise you in formulating an accurate definition of business processes in the field of information technology.


Planning and Design

Development and testing

Testing of newly developed software is part of the process to ensure the quality of a product. Only through predefined test scenarios and their implementation in the new software you can ensure the quality of your product.

A dependable criterion for the quality of a software product is when test criteria are set as early as in the planning phase of the project; non-functional requirements are isolated and defined as tests. These tests are the foundation of quality in our new product and can be upgraded with other specific tests.

The test scenarios developed by LinkCity are correlating with supplementary software for quality monitoring, where you can follow the project development and watch the automatic measurements at every 24 hours after the outcome of the created codes.

We can offer the following types of tests:

  • Functional software test without specification of code and internal functionality (black box);
  • Testing of software or a system to determine the maximum load;
  • Custom tests by order of the software project contractor to determine the achieved results that were set out in the project requirements;
  • Tests to determine achieved technical and industrial standards in designed system;
  • Test of graphical user interfaces.


Training and Support

When you rely on continuous training and professional support in the areas of information technologies, you will have undeniable advantage over your competitors and high quality of customer service.

A consistent personnel training predisposes employees to feel confident in making independent decisions and assume greater responsibilities in the process. Employees are confident that are familiar with all basic interconnections and relations of the work matter and know the consequences and meanings of their decisions.

Another positive factor in training is that a substantial part of work time is saved that normally is used for calls to the support company to clarify simple issues.

Usually the questions asked and the answers given are not remembered or saved in a format accessible to all and so one question is repeated many times. Created losses are in terms of time and conversations between your company and the support companies.

Migration and Modernization

Project Management

In project management, we at LinkCity adhere to the best practices and established standards. Our team is qualified for the management of small and medium-sized projects.

Project management is an interdisciplinary science and requires expertise in such areas as law, finance, project management, business requirements definition, planning, testing, risk management and more. This requires the project manager to have a holistic view of the matter, which deals with, and to be able to logically deduce a conclusion from the presented offers and proposal before they are brought to experts’ discussion. Project management is not just tracking dates and certain plans but an comprehensive strategy for achieving success in an endeavor, which is always with limited time and is full of unique tasks. It takes special training of employees so that they would take the adequate decisions in the various situations, and also to have some understanding of the tasks and processes in all aspects of the project. Successful project management is a careful and skillful management of the quantities Time, Quality, and Money, all that related to the quantity Project Investor.

World practices and experience show that there is almost no successful project without the active involvement of the investor, and not only as investor control, but also in finding solutions in certain situations. This brings other bonuses also like skill and experience, and understanding in project subject.