Web and Internet Services

With the continuous development of web technology and mobile devices, the presence of your business on the Internet has become a prerequisite for success.

We at LinkCity transform this presence into a successful expression of your personality online, a powerful tool for development, increase of the volume of customers, operating costs reduction.

LinkCity offers a full range of Web and Internet services for the successful development of your business on the Internet:

  • Web consulting;
  • Web design and usability analysis;
  • Website design and web applications;
  • SEO optimization and Internet advertisement;
  • Domain registration and hosting services.
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Let Us Help:

Analysis, Strategy, Web Consulting


The success of every good idea is directly related to the good analysis and project. After a detailed acquaintance with the services offered by you and your specific requirements and needs, we can prepare a complete and qualitative analysis of the internet sector, in which you work, to identify the presence of your competitors in the internet and the vacant positions.

Strategy and Planning

After a good analysis a strategy development follows. You need a plan and concrete steps to bring your idea to life and its sustainable development over time. We will define the priorities and the milestones in the drawn up plan.

Web Consulting

Objective analysis and professional opinion about completed product, online service or specific case in terms of design, usability and accessibility, SEO, technical parameters, best practices and new opportunities.

Web Design

For the non-expert web design is to paint several images and add some text. In fact, web design is the combination of activities of different specialists and teams. The projects of our web designers undergo through information architecture design, UX design and usability, prototyping of interfaces and interactions, content style definition.

Design of Information Architecture

In LinkCity we believe that good information architecture is the foundation of good design and usability. At the start of each project, we collaborate closely with our clients, their employees and teams, to perform an audit of the information available, to complete the missing structure and create optimized content structure, presented in an accessible way for users
This process is vital to the success of the project, especially in large-scale portals.


In the analysis and testing the design usability we focus on its ease, efficiency and attractiveness. We apply rigorous standards at every stage of the design process, starting with the first prototypes, design concepts, and through the beta analysis and correction. Always our goal is to design websites and web applications that people love to use.

Design of Interaction

The behavior of a website or web application, and the way in which users control this behavior are essential for the understanding, usability and success of the project. The development of this design is carried by the close interaction of all teams throughout the development process, from the initial interviews and discussions through the preparation of block and detailed sketches and functional documentation.

Visual Design

A well-developed concept ensures quality of the final implementation. Our designers, following the latest trends in design, focused on innovation and attention to detail, pay special care and attention for the impressive and fascinating appearance of our web pages and applications.

The work of our designers does not stop with the development of the concept and the graphic design. They continue to work closely with the web developers for the proper development and functioning of the interface, for creating style definitions to quickly and efficiently add and edit content.

Web Site and Web Applications

Web Site

We, at LinkCity, not just do web pages, we express your personality online.

Your website can not only be a virtual business card or online storefront, but also a powerful tool for developing your business, increase customer volume and sales, reduce service costs and daily tasks costs.

You don’t have a website yet? Your Web site is outdated?

You do not know what exactly you need, but you have decided it is time for your presence in the web!

You know who your audience is, but you are not sure how to reach it!

Join us! We will get acquainted with your individual needs and requirements, you will become convinced in our professionalism and commitment to every our client. Together we will select the solutions, technologies and platforms that are most appropriate for you.

Whether we make a small company web site or a corporate online solution, product catalog or online store, presentation website or multimedia portal, our main goal is that they are maximally integrated with your business process, corporate philosophy and vision, your ideas and dreams.

Web Applications

With the development of web technologies, the Internet and the mobile devices, web applications are gaining a growing popularity as alternatives to office software, and in many cases completely replace and improve it.

Web applications offer you the possibility to be in constant touch with your business and your customers from anywhere in the world using any device that is connected to the Internet.

Web applications make your products and services mobile and accessible anytime by any customer and employee.

You no longer need to be in office to do a specific task on a specific computer, because you purchased an expensive license only for this computer.

Break up the work process, reduce the expenditures for expensive licenses and maintenance hours.

Call us and we will demonstrate to you the many advantages of the web applications and services, the mobile way of doing things.

We will develop especially for you and your work process the a web solution you need or we will present to you the most suitable web services of our partners.

We will make you, your employees and your business, more flexible, modern and accessible and your customers more satisfied and numerous.

Online Shop

Our team has created multifunctional web catalogues for various goods and services, multiple online applications for inventory managing, management and business automation.

Our wide range of Web applications, combined with our extensive experience in creating attractive web pages, allows us to create effective and profitable online stores that fully comply with the requirements of your business, your workflow and your customers’ desires.

Online Shop, made by us, is guaranteed to have the following characteristics:

  • Developed by LinkCity especially for you, and not an adapted premade solution;
  • Developed with the latest technology, in accordance with the established standards and best practices;
  • Modern look, combined with a nice and friendly interface;
  • Secure, reliable, and working 24 hours/7 days a week shop;
  • Easy management and administration even by people with minimal computer knowledge;
  • Forefront positions in search results in Google and other search engines;
  • Sales increase and ease of working with clients;
  • Better control over inventory and cash flows;


Internet Advertisement and SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

Good SEO optimization of your website will make your products and services, easier to find, and therefore easier to sell. SEO is often associated with a complete redesign, enhancement and improvement the text content. The result is invariably a web site with higher value and quality. Optimization is guaranteed to save you money on advertising and will increase advertisement quality.

Internet Advertising

Today, internet advertising allows your advertising message to reach web users through text links, animated banners, games, video and many other multimedia formats. Successful internet advertising is a combination of the right choice of target audience, a good SEO optimization, the right tools and messages, selection the most appropriate advertising and social networks.

Advertising and Social Networks

Combining SEO optimization, quality online advertising campaign and social strategy, ensures comprehensive coverage of your target audience. We are well aware of the possibilities and the auditorium of all advertising and social networking. We know how in the most efficient fashion to take advantage of them and how to optimally allocate your budget.

Internet Services

LinkCity offers a full range of Internet services that ensure stable and reliable operation of your website or web application. We have our own hardware platforms and a network of leading Internet service providers around the world.

  • Domain Registration

    The domain name (the web address of your website) plays an important role for the successful performance on the Internet. Through your chosen unique domain name, your website will be easily accessible to all users.

    The registration of a domain gives the possibility of creating personalized e-mail addresses ending with the name of the selected domain.

    Except with the most popular domain zones like .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, we provide the opportunity for domain registration areas.

    We offer also registration of domains that a part of IDN (International Domain Names). This is the option that allows using in the domain name symbols from alphabets that are different from the English language alphabet. More than 100 different alphabets are supported, among them even Chinese Japanese Korean, Hindi, Arab, Greek, and more.

    Selecting the correct domain is crucial for the successful launch of your website. For this purpose, please contact our consultants for help in selecting the most appropriate name and area.

  • Web Hosting, Dedicated and Virtual Servers

    The term "web hosting" is in fact a subscription to the resources of a server that has direct connectivity to the Internet.

    The "Web Hosting" service lets you to: 

    • Deploy and manage your website on a remote server;
    • Have your web site available 24 hours/365 days a year;
    • Have your own e-mail and multiple mailboxes with personal domain name;
    • Use the provided server space to store information that is important for you, with guaranteed 100% security and protection.

    Virtual Servers

    Virtual Server (VPS) is a hosting service, where a physical server is divided into several logical virtual servers. Each virtual server runs completely independent from the other virtual servers, with guaranteed data protection, using limited resources of the physical server, depending on the selected plan and needs. VPS service grants a full (root) access (including option for restart) and the freedom to install the software applications you needed.

    Dedicated Servers

    Dedicated server is a hosting service in which the client is granted full access to the physical server. Installed applications use all the hardware resources of the server.

    The service is suitable for deployment of corporate web sites, complete hosting solutions for small and medium companies, large portal websites and others.


  • Stream Hosting

    The use of is characterized by much higher peak loads. Stream hosting is the service that is designed to meet these loads and allow the client to offer its users high quality access to videos.

    The main stream hosting parameter is the number of simultaneous connections that the client needs. This is the main criterion, by which a streaming plan is selected, while every plan is secured with sufficient disk space.

LinkCity provides its hosting services on servers based in many countries: Bulgaria, USA, Austria, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland and others.

Contact our consultants who will help you in choosing the best solution from our wide range of internet services and technology solutions.

Intranet Developments

Our company has extensive experience in developing solutions for internal use or the so-called intranet. Using intranet software gives you the following advantages:

  • No local installation on every computer;
  • Possibility to work with free operating systems such as Linux, which saves licensing costs;
  • Independence from the operating system;
  • Software designed for a web application does not give local errors which we could observe in other installed on PC software;
  • High levels of security (like internet banking);
  • No restrictions on the number of users;
  • Every software update is performed only once on the server and applies to all customers;
  • User is not bound to a particular workplace. You can work outside the organization from any computer with interne;
  • Use of mobile phones and portable devices without the need for additional software programmed specifically for them;
  • You can get hosting service at a decent price without having to use a specialized server;
  • Many more ...